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Philips SpeechLive

There is so much interest in Cloud based solutions for law offices. Recently, Philips Speech Processing Solutions launched SpeechLive. SpeechLive is a secure, cloud based dictation workflow system designed for small and mid sized law offices.

Many of our users already are familiar with Philips' dictation devices. However SpeechLive software is designed to allow for secure dictation or transcription from any location. Dictated audio files can be sent from a smart phone, IPad, handheld dictation device or microphone and all the user needs is Internet access. Unlike email, the files are fully encrypted and utilize 256 bit encryption to the cloud and back.

SpeechLive can also be used with speech recogntion. This is a great tool for the busy litigator and for firms needing to provide secure access for dictation, time/billing capture, and out of town trial support.

We are just scratching the surface with SpeechLive today. It will continue to evolve and have added features in 2016. Free trials are easy to setup with SpeechLive. Contact us for more information

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