Our most popular digital accessories 

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SP-USB digital headset for transcription

This is our most popular headset

AL60-USB headset with aluminum frame

SH50-USB headset

The INUSB VEC Infinity foot pedal is our most popular

USB foot control. It is used with Dataworxs transcription software as well as others

Philips ACC-2330 USB foot pedal. This is the preferred foot pedal for Philips Speech Exec Transcribe software

Philips LFH-9154 rechargeable batteries

These are used in 9600 and 9610 model recorders as well as the 9500, 94xx, 93xx legacy models

Philips ACC-8100 rechargeable battery for Philips 8000, 8100, 7000 and 6700 model handheld recorders

Philips LFH9120 docking/recharging station

for the Philips 9610, 9600 and 9500 model


Philips ACC-8120 docking and rcharging station for the 

Philips 8000, 8100, 7000 and 6700 model recorders


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