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Olympus DS-4000 digital recorder "end of life" announcement

The widely popular Olympus DS-4000 digital recorder announcement for "end of life" has been released.

The Olympus DS-4000 was introduced in 2004 and discontinued in 2008. However there are a large number of this model still in use. Parts are no longer available for repair of this model.

The Olympus DS7000 digital recorder or Philips DMP8000 are alternatives for replacment of the DS-4000

Here is the complete announcement from Olympus North America


January 15, 2015


Olympus Certified Pro Audio Partners


Olympus Professional Audio North American Headquarters


End of Life (“EOL”) Support for Hardware Model DS-4000

Please allow this document to serve as Notification for End of Life Hardware support from the Olympus Corporation on the DS-4000 Professional Digital Recorder Series. The DS-4000 was released in 2004 and has since been discontinued in 2008. Repair parts for the DS-4000 series recorders, which also include the DS-3300, are no longer available.

A large thank you to our Pro Audio Distributors that made a commitment long ago to purchase a large inventory of repair parts for these models. Their inventories are now exhausted and end of life is in effect. Our loyal Pro Audio Partners know that Olympus has always been the industry leader in providing a trailing supply of repair parts for a significant time period after a model is discontinued.

If there are any questions concerning the EOL for DS-4000 parts, please contact your distributor. Our Professional Series DS-7000 and DS-3500 Recorders are outstanding replacements for these older models, and offer many valuable new features

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