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Recent experience with Dragon Professional version 13

Last week I was in Chicago presenting to a number of individuals at a law firm interested in implementing Dragon.

I was seated at the end of a very long conference room table. The projected image of my PC was behind me on a large screen.

When it came time to actually dictate into Dragon the majority of the group stood up and started walking closer to the screen.

The group also started talking out loud to one another. I simply started repeating what I was hearing, such as "Yes, I do feel like the Wizard of Oz on some occasions."

Clearly I was dictating into Dragon phrases I would not normally say.

My recognition accuracy was 100%

Not one mistake

I was dictating with a Philips SpeechMic 3

My Dragon copy was Professional version 13 and I have not scanned my email or scanned more than ten documents to enhance my user profile.

The results were more than impressive, especially since I had not "read" the acoustics of the room by checking my microphone settings before the meeting began.

I do not believe Dragon Pro 12 would have had the same accuracy.

Dragon Pro 13 is the bomb!

Now if Nuance can fix the occasional instance where it does not recognize connected microphones. This happens with Olympus, Philips and wireless mics too. Most likely a patch will be forthcoming to address this

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